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Five Questions with Nuclear Cowboyz Rider Ronnie Faisst


 What have you been up to this summer/fall?

I spent most of the summer and fall riding, surfing, cycling, doing karate, training for Nuclear Cowboyz and just enjoying life.

How excited are you for the Nuclear Cowboyz tour to kick off?

I’m super pumped to get back on the road with the boys and the whole Nuclear Cowboyz crew. This is the fourth year I’ve been on the tour and I really enjoy every minute of it. I’m grateful for the people putting the tour out on the road for the fans and us!

Any trips planned before the Nuclear Cowboyz tour kicks off?

Yes, a few weeks ago I went on a free-riding trip with the Rockstar team. Now, I'm headed back to New Jersey to go hunting with my family before the tour kicks off.

What do you enjoy doing during your time off from riding?

I don't really have much free time - I like to stay busy. I’m always on the go. I never really just chill, but when I do… Movie nights work for me!!


What cities are you looking forward to visiting during the 2013 Nuclear Cowboyz tour?

That’s a tough one. I really enjoy all the cities on the tour, especially meeting all our fans. I’m really excited for the East Rutherford, NJ stop though, because I’ll be able to meet up with family and friends. 

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